Diano Casearia

Diano Casearia

Diano Casearia

Paste Filate


Cilento offers a very rich range of pasta filata: Scamorza, Provola, Filone and Treccia. Although the basic production techniques of all these cheeses are similar, the different processes that characterize them create very different products in terms of shape and organoleptic characteristics. In particular, that of the Alburni is a production area of ​​Provola, still made with mainly traditional methods.

The Smoked

Scamorza, Provola and Smoked Braids are specialties produced throughout the Campania region, in particular in the areas of the Sorrento Peninsula, Irpinia, Cilento and Vallo di Diano.  Sweet spun pastas that share the antiquity of origin and production techniques with mozzarella and which are subjected to the smoking process, with smoke deriving from wet straw, which gives a very particular flavor, color and aroma.

Sweet tooth

A line of products designed to enhance creativity while maintaining the typical taste of spun cheese. Nice and comfortable variations of the traditional versions, Smoked Scamorza Sticks, Chicche and Piattelle stand out for their practicality and versatility without sacrificing the requirements that make these cheeses unique. Ideal to add a touch of originality to aperitifs and buffets, they can also be enjoyed as simple and tasty snacks.