Diano Casearia

Diano Casearia

Diano Casearia

Fior di Latte

The Classics

Boasting the ancient Campania tradition, Fior di Latte is produced using the highest quality and 100% Italian cow's milk. The processing with lactic ferments, typical of Campania dairy production, characterizes a product of absolute typicality which is an integral part of the dairy heritage of the whole of Southern Italy. Milk-white in color with straw shades and a delicate flavor, it comes in different shapes and sizes, even in the smoked variant.

The Originals

Genuine products that enrich the already wide range of Fior di Latte dairy products come from artisanal processing techniques and very high quality fresh milk. Originality and tradition combine to offer our customers the ancient taste of the past with a touch of creativity. From the same pasta with which the Mozzarella is produced but with the addition of fresh cream and a pinch of originality in the processing, for example, Burrata and Stracciatella are born, a real combination of fragrance and sweetness.

The Dedicated

A line of dairy products and cheeses designed and packaged specifically for catering, without contradicting the freshness and goodness that distinguish Diano Casearia brand products.  For daily use in restaurants, these practical packs allow you to save time without sacrificing taste and quality.