Diano Casearia

Diano Casearia

Diano Casearia: the traditional Campania dairy par excellence

Diano Casearia

From raw materials to the finished product

Diano Casearia’s attention to the ancient dairy vocation guarantees adherence the territory’s productive traditions, jealously guarded by our master cheese makers.  Traditional processes, combined with modern technologies and total control over all phases of the production cycle of cheeses and mozzarellas, give Diano Casearia’s dairy products their unmistakable taste.

Our Production

From the best primary ingredients, carefully chosen, our unique and quality dairy products take shape. A wide range of mozzarella and cheeses, divided in different processes and distributed in three main lines, to meet the needs of consumers in full respect of tradition and quality.

The value of the Territory

Our products are born from a deep bond with the territory of origin: the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. Cilento, always a crossroads of different peoples and cultures, is a true paradise, a land to be discovered that offers unique visual suggestions and nuances of inimitable flavors. Crossed by lively streams and rich in chestnut and holm oak woods, it offers a characteristic landscape made of rolling hills that are reflected in the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea.